mercoledì 15 febbraio 2012

Bubiknits's Giveaway Winner

So here we are.
To announce the winner of the giveaway I made a video :)) (**Shame on me for my horrible English, sorry I haven't much occasion to practice it.**)

I select the winner using that is the simplest way to generate a random # between 1 and 100. The post got 71 comments, so I ended up to use it.

winner from bubiknits on Vimeo.

And the Winner is: EMMA FASSIO!!
Congrats Emma, I just emailed you to ask your snail address. :))
And here is the Yarn Bowl you win.

So, if you would love to order your own yarn bowl from this artisan please contact him at:

Qui Gatta Ci Cova
Laboratorio Artigiano Ceramiche
Via Rossetti 13/B - 34125 Trieste (Italy)
phone: +39 040 7600343

4 commenti:

  1. Wow:))) Che emozione, che meraviglia:)))) Grazie :))))))

  2. Accidenti e io che tenevo le dita incrociate! vorrà dire che mi toccherà far visita all'artigiano!