giovedì 1 agosto 2013

Hi!! I miss you! this is a reminder to all my previous reader. This blog has moved to here is a sneak photo that shows what's going on there.

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domenica 20 maggio 2012

giovedì 3 maggio 2012

knitter geekery

As a knitter and designer I use notebook to take note of my pattern, sketch ideas and so on. I always would love to have a knit related notebook cover as well. When I draw and hand painted this one, I was inspired by a great knit designer who also inspired her fans showing off her fabulous shoes (Ysolda, every respectful knitters know who she is!). I kept one for me and though to sell some to make knitters happy as I am to use it.

In those days I've also got neck pain again. Ouch! Fortunately I had knitted a new  cowl in cotton and silk. Do you recognize it? Yes, it's the Asparagus Cowl in spring - summer edition!

sabato 21 aprile 2012

what's on my needle and spring summer thoughs

If you follow me from my previous blog lecoccole, you already know that I never been and I'm not a OPATT (one project at the time) woman.
I have started about 4 or 5 project lately and at the moment I'm working at those two more than the other.

One is the Damson by Ysolda Teague,
by ysolda Flickr

and here is my work in progress. I started it at the beginning of April, when I bought a beautiful summer dress and roving in my stash I found a skein of Wollemeise in the same color and immediately I figure out the damson to pair with the dress.
my damson

Last Saturday I started another piece I already enjoy working on. Atelier by Heidi Kirrmaier a beautiful cardigan, I think it will be perfect for spring and summer evenings.
 © Quickbeam09

I almost finished the first sleeve (not the cardigan itself, there is a unusual construction, you complete the sleeves before starting the body part, lovely thing I guess, so when you finished the body part you've done, no more boring time knitting the sleeves :)). The yarn I choose is a very surprise for me, usually I don't like cotton yarn, it's always too rough for my taste, but this yarn is soooo comfortable: Purelife Revive is a recycled cotton - silk - viscose mist from Rowan and I'm in love with it.
my atelier

To not to mention the projects I have in mind for spring and summer. This one Is going a bit slower than I suspected. I started it a month ago, but I put it down after a few rows. but I'm confident, I will finish it soon or later.

my Sullivan cardigan by Whitney Gegg-Harrison- handmade pouch from Lecoccole
And there is also a Whisper or a Cardigan or a Featherweight Cardigan by Hannah Fettig in my though to make in Ito Kinu

Whisper Cardigan
Featherweight Cardigan © Quince & Co.

ito - kinu
I think I have enough projects for spring and summer :).
Last but not least, I have a finished cardigan to show. Just a shot took by Iphone.
My A tea with Marianna from the pattern Tea leaves Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre

that's all folks! See you soon!

martedì 3 aprile 2012


Sometimes in life we are weakened, sometimes in that period we want to change something about our appearance, but changing when we are weakened could not be good. I failed, I changed my hair stylist in inappropriate moment, and Saturday I felt like I was at barber shop. She cut my hair strongly, she cut my hair so short I look like a skin heads.
But, I have a strong temperament, so I took my needle and design a new accessory to go with my new hair cut, and I feel better when I wore it.
What came out is a new Cowl pattern, I called it Asparagus, because of the lace motive but also because Asparagus is  a strong plant and you can see hair on his top. :)
Asparagus it's available to download at Raverly.

domenica 18 marzo 2012


Match Russia Vs Ireland - 1 - 1
Argo is a very lovely knit pattern designed by Svetlana of Tweedsheep on Raverly. The Yarn I used for this cardigan is a very warm and beautiful aran tweed from Donegal Yarns, an Irish yarn company.

more photos at the raverly project page

venerdì 2 marzo 2012

Knit a Long

I'm glad I have joined Raverly three years ago. Just a few days ago this knit and crochet community passed 2.000.000 members and I'm proud to be part of it.
It's in here I make knitting friend and I met some wonderful girls in real life, some are now very good friend and we met and knit together , Tibisay is the group's founder of the Stitch nd Spritz, the first Stitch n Bitch in our city.
Thanks to her and her idea of a 12 sweater in 2012, I was able to complete a project a month this year, in January I've finished the Levenwick cardigan, in February I finished the Fisherman for Marco Rodrigo.
This month I joined the KAL from Italy group for the March KAL. I'm working on Argo, a perfect cardigan to take practice with contiguous method and short rows.
Here is a photo the WIP. I just turned the separating sleeves point and we are only the second of March :)