sabato 26 novembre 2011

I need more shoes and books and wool

Well, I don't remember if I said it before, but I'm a shopaholic. Yes, I have a problem. I can't stop buying anything and when I see something I like I can't resist: I must have it.
This past summer Ysolda Tegue, one of my favorite knit designer held a shoe destash. Most of her fabulous shoe were gone when I saw her post late in the morning, but... some of them were still available so... I wrote to her asking for those beautiful pair of vintage shoes. She told me that those were very narrow but if I would buy them she would have been happy to sell them to me.
Of course I told her I would have buy the shoes. And if I wouldn't be able to wear them I will have kept them as a fetish of my knitting Idol.
The shoes came to my house with a signed notes from the lovely Ysolda (I also asked a little signature note to keep into "Little Red in the City", a book she published a few months before and that I have in my library). The shoes are fabulous but she was right, were very narrow, so I put them into a shoe box and forgot them till a few weeks ago.
Last week I've got a brilliant idea: I bring them to my shoemaker and ask him to enlarge them. Well, on friday I was able to PERFECTLY wear them, no hurt no pain!! I love them so much and got lot of compliment from my collegue.

Would we talk about books? Needless to say I have lots of book? To not to talk to pdf patterns!! Tons of them :))

And then there are SOME of the last bought: WOOL!!! Luxury wool... expensive wool of course.

I have some new sweater at my needles at the moment, but I'm just a litte pressured at the time, so no much knitting in the evening, but I'm still dreaming of finish some for Xmas time.

That's all for now, :) Good night!

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  1. Come dire... devi proprio presentarmelo, il calzolaio dei miracoli... le scarpe sono una meraviglia!!! Le lane, i libri... sbav... non ho commenti, solo propositi ruberecci...