sabato 28 gennaio 2012


As a knit challenge this year I want to make a pair of socks.
I collect socks pattern on Raverly and everywhere I find them.
I have books on how to make socks, but I'm a bit intimidate about the complex construction and the time consuming project because of I need to make them with sock yarn and very small size needle.
But, I promise to me that this year I will have my pair of knitted socks.
Here are some I saved as possible project.

Pattern free: blathnat by Irishgirlieknits on Raverly
photo by Ignorantbliss

Pattern free: Kalajoki by Tiina Seppälä on Raverly
photo by Tiina

Pattern free: Conwy by Nancy Bush on Raverly
photo by Meredith

4 commenti:

  1. They are all really cool, but I especially love the purple ones!

  2. Devo ammettere di non aver mai amato le calze... ma quelle grigie mi fanno impazzire! Eppure mi hanno detto che sono le più difficili, sarà vero?
    Buon lavoro!